My favourite podcasts

 Keeping up with industry news, and the latest research and developments from Information Security is no small task. Over the years I listened to many InfoSec podcasts. Some are great and I have stuck with them for many years, others have come and gone. In this post, I'm going list my personal favourites.

Daily News

Read all about it. Get the latest, up to date InfoSec news from around the world. 

ISC Stormcast

If you only have 5-10 mins to listen during your morning coffee then this is the one. I try to listen to this one every day. Chances are if something big is breaking you're going to hear about it here first.  Often the shows point the way to further information for interesting research and features the latest malware techniques you should be aware of.   
Presented by the Dr. Johannes Ullrich Dean of Research for SANS Technology Institute and SANS Faculty Fellow, and founder of the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC),  with frequent contributions from the ISC Incident Handlers and SANS Bachelors and Masters degree programs alumni. 

Weekly News

Once a week I really enjoy an in-depth review of the week’s comings and goings in InfoSec.

Risky Biz

You simply can't beat the Risky Biz news and analysis hosted by Patrick Gray, an award winning journalist with his regular co-host Adam Boileau of Insomnia Security. Not only do you get a thorough run-down of the week’s news with real insight into new attacks but you also are kept thoroughly entertained in the process. Pat Gray has a quick wit and Aussie turn of phrase that makes the show a real giggle but make no mistake this is serious journalism;  Adam Boileau's expertise as a Penetration Tester and Security Researcher really brings home the detail of each story. Each episode of the show has a news section and sponsored interview, these are really interesting with many industry luminaries and experts talking on wide variety of subjects. 

Application Security Weekly

If you're not into Application Security; why not? One of the most interesting areas that has emerged in recent years.  Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is made from code now, and this is where InfoSec starts its journey.  Regular anchorman Mike Shema, from whom the best podcast intros ever  heard come, and John Kinsella co-founder and CTO of Cysense delving deep into the application security news and featuring so great guests with insights into a variety of areas such as DevSecOps, Threat modelling and more. This podcast is from the Security Weekly stable of InfoSec podcasts, so there is much more there if my picks have only served to whet your appetite. 

Magazine Program

As a blue teamer I need my regular serial with features from around the world of InfoSec. 


It's back for a third season! Hosted by SANS Senior Instructor John Hubbard, the podcast produced by the SANS Blue Team.  There is a real variety of topics discussed here from SOC 2 audits or AI/ML - keeping that blue team focus throughout. Each season is released annually and is around ten episodes, so if you need to catch-up you can binge-listen from the beginning.   This is one of the best I've come across, I'm glad to see they are back again with another set of episodes. 


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